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We have the 6'2 Blackbird 85L 6'2 x 21' in stock for demo. An amazing board aimed at light wind winging and Down Wind supping. This is a very light high end board Very high level of fit and finish. The narrow board provides unmatched glide with an outstanding and ultra-early take-off capacity. The wide edges, the T Tail, provide enhanced pre-flight, lateral stability.

Precision, level and optimal foil control thanks to a hollow deck that brings you closer to the foil and lowering your center of gravity. Combined with a longitudinal and lateral concave, the feeling is direct and precise. The level of control and precision of the foil is therefore at its maximum.

Volume distribution and design have been optimised to help the rider gain speed for the earliest take-off. The bulb at the front of the board maximises aerodynamics whilst providing strong support on the front foot for easy take-off. The optimised reduction of wetted surface brings more glide. The T Tail combined with a pin tail focuses efficient release and minimises drag. The pin tail reduces your wave at the tail and further optimises your drag.

Full carbon sandwich construction, with optimised carbon placement making the board stiff, light and responsive. High density foam in the deck and foil box areas for extra stiffness and durability. Made in France.

The softness of the rails and advanced hull shape brings forgiveness to touch downs with a smooth, immediate rebound.

AFS 6'2 Blackbird DW

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$2,900.00Sale Price

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