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100%  Freeride

90%  Freestyle, Big Air

80%  Accessibility

60%  Wakestyle


The TRAX has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate freeride and freestyle board with a unique feeling on the water, offering both speed and comfort with fantastic glide. The HRD Rail plays a significant role in the way the board handles, and it sets it apart from everything else out there. 

  • Ultimate performance freeride/freestyle board
  • HRD Rail Technology
  • Easy to ride – perfect for beginners and experts alike 
  • Exceptional upwind abilities
  • Ultra-light and responsive giving a Dynamic ride

Ref. 77203-0101

TRAX HRD Carbon Series

  • Dimensions kg*
    135 x 39 cm 2.2
    136 x 40.5 cm 2.3
    137 x 42 cm 2.4
    140 x 45 cm 2.5

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