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MANERA Poncho 


Awesome for Australian conditions not to hot and comfy to wear home in the car. 


Bamboo comfort

This is the perfect accessory to change before and after riding, plus it will get you warm and dry in a minute. Poncho is a widely used product, but we've been looking for a warmer, softer, cleaner, and greener product. We chose bamboo fabric for mainly two reasons:


The Bamboo material has many great caracteristics:
- Ultra soft feeling
- Absorbs water three to four times better than a regular cotton
- Dries twice as fast as other materials
- Naturally bacteriostatic
- Naturally hypo-allergenic


And a reduced impact on earth:
- Bamboo farming needs four times less water than cotton
- Grows without fertilizers and pesticides
- Absorbs 30% more CO2 than a tree, create 30% more oxygen.
- Prevents deforestation: Can grow 1 meter per day.
- Prevents erosion because of its long roots


ONE size

Manera Change jacket/ Poncho

$138.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price

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